Recommended Reading

This is my recommended reading list; It's comprised of Authors, series and single books. Most of the books that I post here either have been commented on or I've read before. Some are staples of practically every Recommended Reading list on Earth(or should be) and will be in bold. The stories commented on in my blog will be italicized.

1.) Dr. Seuss.
You have found me out. I love Dr. Seuss; and I never get tired of reading his works. My favorite was The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. I have no justification for this recommendation other than the fact that I love Dr. Seuss.
2.) Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived, the inspiration for A Very Potter Musical, and the reason J.K Rowling is very, very rich. It's a cultural icon, with a movie series and a soundtrack attached. Harry Potter has defined my generation as much as Micheal Jackson did the 80's. It was a good read at least the 7th time though and it doesn't ever get old.
3.) Shakespeare
At the top of every English teacher's reading list, third at mine. This is because while I love Shakespeare, I get that some people have a hard time reading him. The language defines archaic(unless you've read Chaucer, or Beowulf). However, if you take the chance to watch one of his plays preformed live (Don't watch the movies. The only actors who do Shakespeare well are the English, and the only people who produce movies well are the Americans. And the two *never* mix.) then go! I've seen at least three live(Macbeth, Lear and Much Ado About Nothing) and I loved them. Then read the play. That's my method.

1.) Looking For Alaska
If you ever read anything from this list, this book better be it. I believe I love this book more than Harry Potter, more than Shakespeare, and, yes, more that Dr. Seuss. It was most likely one of the most moving, impressive, well written, entertaining, and all the other words that mean Awesome and start with any letter of the alphabet book ever invented. And some that don't exist yet too.
2.) The Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Helpful Hint: Sounds like it's for the girls, but JOHN GREEN has read the entire trilogy as well. Along with Libba Bray's two other books(one isn't even out yet). It's an interesting story and mixes all of the best bits of romance (Hush. Shakespeare wrote romance) adventure and magic with the Victorian Era. It's well written and each novel opens with a poem. My favorite is "The Sweet Far Thing".
3.) The Tiffany Aching Series
Which is 1/4 highlighted because I read and gushed over I Shall Wear Midnight. For a good reason, of course. However, the entire series is really amazing. It's insightful and amusing and passes on little bits of wisdom without scaring people away. It doesn't tell you what to think, or how to think. Sir Pratchett just makes you think. Which is amazing and wonderful and the best thing in the entire universe.

For Adults
1.) Good Omens
If you can, get both covers. I love it. It has two of the best authors in the world writing it. It's a story about the apocalypse and people. And how hilarious it all really is. GO READ IT NOW.
2.) Walden
No, don't give me that look. I can see that look, and you will stop it right now. It is the exact same look I gave my junior year English teacher. At which point, I read Walt Whitman. But now I've read it in my college English course and am in love. With the ideas, not Thoreau. There area some serious Quotes in there too. It's pretty amazing. But skip the first chapter, everybody knows what Thoreau did. He went out to live in the woods at a pond. The rest of the novel is awesome.
3.)American Gods.
It's just good. It is dark, and creepy, and kinda funny all at once. It should be a new Great American Novel, but Neil Gaiman is British, so that knocks him off the list. The man is a genius. A literal literary genius, and this book reflects that in every possible way.

So. Go read.