Sunday, March 20, 2011


And it was really an awesome ending(better than a good part of it. I was overly impressed. (Compared with the rest of the book)).
1.) I got my favorite narrator back!!!!
2.) There was an interesting new narrator! Who wasn't as awesome because he was going to die soon. And, well, he was angsty and mopey about it. But at least he was amusing. Not in an funny amusing way but...well, he wasn't dull.
3.) An almost entirely happy ending! As in, the bad guy died, the good guys found out what happened, and the guy got the girl! And with this novel there is a love triangle, so you don't know who gets the girl unless you read the novel! Yay! Not ruining any endings!
PET PEEVE! Having a random character that has no use what so ever. Thank you very much, authors who do this out there, do not make me feel like I should care about some one I see for about 10 pages. Out of a 547 page novel. That's guilt tripping.
I feel like this is really short.
Okay, so since I'm really, really bad at introspection unless I read about 100 pages of a novel within six hours(and I obviously didn't do that here) I need to come up with some questions about the novel and life at the same time.
This, folks, is why I would not be a good English teacher.
Q1. "What does not fibbing on who stole the Moonstone say about Rachel? Would you have done the same thing as her?"
A1. It says that she is over devoted to being an honest and upright person. Which isn't a bad thing, until it causes a lot of strife in your family. And makes people in the BIGGEST CITY IN YOUR EMPIRE start rumors about you and what happened. Honor is great, don't get me wrong, but I also think there's a line in the sand that has to be draw where being honorable and being a bit of an idiot start. Also, not yelling at the person when she caught them in her room is kind of idiotic. A house full of people, you'd think saying something, or screaming or just entering the room might help. See, I would not have done the same thing, because I wouldn't put myself in that position. Problem solved.
Q2. "So, this new narrator(I'm not telling you his name), what really bothers you about him?"
A1. What bothers me about him is that he is a really good doctor, who has written a book and actually makes a couple of friends who he helps out. And yeah, he may be dying soon and is addicted to a horrible drug, but I'll be honest, he could be happy. He should be happy. I do not like people who wallow in their own misery all the time. NOTE: If you're my friend and you think you do this, you don't because otherwise I would ignore you so much you could not count yourself among my friends. So there.
A3. Yes it is. So I'm gonna call INTROSPECTION TIME done unless one of two things happen.
Thing One! I actually start writing an essay on this in the near future. Which I will have to. I should make a note about that.
Thing Two! After all you've read on this blog, you have a question. So post it in a comment and I will reply to it on Wednesday. A post day I've been ignoring due to bad writer disease. But if there is a question, I will answer it on Wednesday. And it will remind me to post again.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Moonstone: Parts Two and Three

Okay, so I missed Wednesday, but I don't think that was a big issue for many people. Sorry if those are posts you look forward too.
Also, I didn't keep to the schedule I promised you. But don't worry. I only skipped ahead about 100 pages. One, I wanted to find out more(plot's really picked up!) and then I wanted to get the next narrator over with.
PET PEEVE: Narrators that I can't like. Ever. That includes over religious(in this case) over callous(ooh, again in this case) and anything else that's just over the top too much. I know there are people like that, but I don't want to read them. Please and thank you.
Other than that, I really liked the story. It was basically amazing how well the plot advanced. First, the moonstone was finally stolen. Then we got to go on a search to find out who might have stolen it, introducing an interesting new character--a detective--and then one of the maids dies. We are presented with the owner of the Moonstone as the most likely thief. Stealing her own diamond...devious.
There's an underlying touch of romance here--Rachel, the owner of the diamond, is in love with the man who brought her the diamond, but her cousin is in love with her. He proposes and gets turned down. Then the Moonstone gets stolen and Rachel gets really mad at the man who brought it to her. Then she's accused of stealing the Diamond and they move to London to keep her out of the mess. Where her cousin proposes again. This time she accepts him.
Then her mom dies.
And then Rachel breaks off the engagement and goes to live with her mother's lawyer and his family.
Basically all that happened.
Good read though(once I got past the narrator)!