Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Author Crush

Okay, you heard it all a couple weeks ago. Bad Writer, didn't do anything this week. No fanfic stuff, don't worry about it.
A new story that I'm going to submit next semester, bit of a Doctor Who feel, but very much mine and based on Earth.
And I have to entirely re-write the other story that I submitted because it wasn't good enough.
On to Spanish homework!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Moonstone: Part One of Five

The Moonstone is a really long book. 557 pages, smallish font(i'd guess, 9, 10 font. In a paper back book.)
And I've been a bit busy. Really Busy. I have Calculus this semester, along with Spanish, Global Affairs, Government and the Creative Writing Prose class. Most of which are pretty good, but...lots of home work And, yeah, I've been a bit distracted this week. No excuse for it, honestly, but I've decided that for both your sanity and mine, I'll give you a review-ish thing of The Moonstone in five parts.
Your sanity because even the first 103 pages were so packed full of stuff(my brain's not working right now. Sorry) that it's hard to deal with. And think about. And understand. Also, because the writer later changes Points of View later. Which is gonna be interesting. But hard to follow.
Background information on this tale: The Moonstone is a priceless(actually, this is Victorian times, so a very expensive), very large yellow diamond. It's supposed to be mystical to Indians(from India. I'm not being insulting here, but I'm sure that there are a few people who would be confused since in America the Native Americans were called Indians for hundreds of years. Cause Chris Columbus wasn't the brightest tool in the shed.) And those who were supposed to guard it want it back. Now. So they're going to steal it from the niece of the guy who stole it. Please keep reading if that was confusing.
First pet peeve: Nothing. Happened. At all. Well, little bits of stuff happened. The Moonstone's discovery was told. We found out what The Moonstone was, exactly(basically a symbol of a god, I'll keep it basic.) We found out it took the Character three times to actually START the story.

There will be more Pet Peeves to come with this story, and I should make a list sometime of the bigger ones I have. But that's one of them. Nothing happening in 99 pages of STUFF. We get a lot of back story, which is nice. I like backstory. We also slowly move the plot along. It's important, but slow.
Which I'm bad at. I don't like 70 pages of back story before I get to see the diamond.
The good news is that I like this narrator. He's amusing. He's kinda funny at times which is good, because it helps hold me up for the next ten or so pages.

That's my impression so far. I'm not done so I don't have much to comment on about it, and like I said, mostly back story.
Good back story.
But back story nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because I was awesome

and up until 11:30 last night making sure I wasn't being an idiot and not posting the chapters or putting it off for a day.
Not helping with the book I'm supposed to be reading(you will get my impression of it at the moment, but that won't be the final word until I'm done). But it's progress.
Speaking of Fanfiction, apparently I'm on a one shot streak--I wrote two more since last Wednesday.
No More Tears was written for my best friend/sometimes beta(I've been using her more lately) because 1.) she was having a rough time and 2.) she asked for a story 'about the Doctor that ends with hope'. It's a really sweet/sad/hopeful story about how the Doctor picks his companions, and what happens with the companions. I liked it, and she said it helped.
Run! was written in a burst of inspiration. It's another cross over fic, Doctor Who and...Looking For Alaska. One small step into a fandom that I'm not sure about just yet(Not a big fan of book fandoms, save Discworld). It's the story behind Alaska's "run run run run run." Or at least my take on what would be a plausible(if not totally possible) explanation.
On the chapter front, not much has changed in the stories: that is to say, in A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset, Rory, Rigsby and Jane are all still locked up, and in Angels of the Disc, they're still dealing with the Weeping Angels.
So no big plot developments, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to throw some into these next two.
Other originals has nothing new, but we're discussing the stories tomorrow.
I've got my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another bout of Bad Writer

Bad Writer! Bad Writer!
Except this time it's for A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset that I didn't write up a chapter for.
I'm considering doing an every other week set up for the stories. Angels of the Disc this week, A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset next week.
That may or may not happen.
I also wrote a new story called And They Called Him Mad, which is a Master fic--Doctor Who realm. It's a format I have fun writing. Bit angsty, bit sad, bit hopeful. All jammed into about 600 words.
Angels of the Disc throws our characters back into danger, so I hope you go check that out!
The book I'm going to be reading for this next week is The Moonstone. I can't promise I'll have finished it (547 pages) but I'll give you a review of the point I'm at in the story.
I'm not writing as much original stuff as I hoped I would be, because we're not actually writing new stuff in my class right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking for Alaska

Or the best book to grace YA bookshelves within the last twenty years.
Sorry Sir Pratchett. (He is actually a knight. Of Literature. I love the English.)
At any rate, I first heard of John Green though a video by either Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, or LittleRadge. Probably all three. Link to the post talking about them HERE. But don't read past the first paragraph and a half.
So I got curious enough to click on this YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers. Vlogbrothers has a very interesting history that I don't completely understand because I never actually looked into it. What I have pieced together, in bit and pieces is that it started when they(John and Hank Green, the BROTHERS) decided not to e-mail each other for a whole year and only communicate through video blogs(hence, VLOG) and called it Brotherhood 2.0. So I watched them for a while. About a week before I announced that I must have one of John Green's books or I would die.
Okay, actually, I went on and offered to pay the 10.00 for the award winning paperback.
My life would be a bit more awesome if I were a bit more dramatic. But I am a book nerd, so I won't. Ever.
**Which is not to say that I am not awesome. I am awesome. Ask my friends.**

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Writer, Good Blogger

For a quick update on my life: I've finished my school finals, got an A(or an A-) in all my classes, and have (finally) started the new semester.
Well, kinda.
I had about ONE day of classes.
On to other originals: My play isn't going to be in the student run program...Or my monologues...or anyone else's stuff, because it got CANCELED. BECAUSE OF SNOW.
Snow=my worst enemy.
As for other original stuff, I promise I will be writing a lot more this semester because I am taking a creative writing class. That should help with me write both original stuff and improve this blog.
I've been working a bit on Electricity, which is the story I mentioned ages ago. It's got a lot of promise if I can ever actually find time to sit down and write it.
Another point that makes me a BAD WRITER is the fact that I'm not putting up a chapter for Angels of the Disc. I only got an idea on how to write it yesterday, and I'm not even sure I like the 100 words I've written. So that earns my bad demerits for the week.
A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset is up! And it is a funny A-B plot movement. Also, by the end of this chapter, Lisbon is the ONLY one who doesn't end up in handcuffs.
So that's my life and writing at the moment!
SUNDAY: Looking for Alaska!!!!!!!