Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shellshocked Mood

As in I'm not quite sure my brain is working properly enough to really give a well written and coherent post, but it's Wednesday so I'll give it a try.
The reasons for this doubt about my abilities at this time will be listed here
1.) My english final today. 1 hour, Thirty minutes, 15 paragraphs and 7 pages. Three prompts. Honestly, I thought it went well.
2.) I actually had the two chapters(LONGEST ONES YET) finished Monday. Which hasn't been my MO lately.
3.) starting the one for my 1000 readers celebration. It's about a dog, a wombat, and two bunnies.
4.) MAIN REASON? The book for the next book commentary. It's called Looking for Alaska, and it is, in my opinion, one of the best books of this entire century. And maybe the one before and after. But more on that next time.
5.) Snow. So much snow. Mother nature hates me.

Right, on to the fanfiction. Angels of the Disc had the longer chapter by about 159 words. It's basically the spliting up of different groups, and Death is played with a bit more. Which is fun. Also, take the quiz on my page to help me out a bit.
However I'll admit that as plot developing goes A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset had a better chapter! I got to play with the Slitheen Dictator and have a few fun lines. It's a pretty good chapter, and important to moving the plot along.
So check them out! Until next Wednesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Possible hints of author ranting

Otherwise known as 'Editor's Eye' or 'Can't believe I like reading this'.
I'll start off by saying my parents accidentally got this for me. They didn't know they were romance novels. They thought it would be a bit of nice, fun reading.
This definitely has all of the stereotypical things you look for in a romance novel; the action and bad guy come at the end, but they do come.
If you don't like the romance part of a romance novel, then don't read this. You'll get sick after sixty pages.
Still, I had fun reading it.
Until my editor's eye came out and started highlighting words like, 'whereas' and grammar mistakes. It really ruins publicized fan fiction. Which is what I call this type of thing. Here's the plot...
Lizzy and Darcy just got married; wedding night, enough said; Lizzy starts to settle into being the Mistress of Pemberly; they grow even closer; Christmas happens, Lizzy meets a bunch of nice people; they go to an interesting masked ball, where Lizzy gets propositioned; Darcy teaches Lizzy to drive a some sort of carriage like thing, they get in  a fight; later Lizzy starts behaving badly; Darcy has to go out on important estate business on the day Lizzy starts feeling better; she goes out to pick strawberries, and gets propositioned by the same man at the ball again, so she hits him over the head and flees; she gets scared by a turkey and falls, hitting her head and becoming unconscious; When she is found and attended to by a doctor, they discover that she was pregnant and may have lost the baby; turns out everything is okay, she's still got the baby, and it ends with a sort of happy/totally sickening happily ever after story.
The next one I didn't even finish these two weeks. It was more of the happy happy joy joy total  sloppy happily ever after stuff. I didn't even get to the part where Lizzy and Darcy get attacked before I picked up a new book.
(Really new, it came in the mail and I put Loving Mr.Darcy down immediately. The book is The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011, and I am in love.)
The problem is that I like the Darcy Saga. I really do. When ever my mind wants to take a break and just relax, the series is the first novel I reach for; it's mind numbing in a not as disgusting as Twilight way!
I'll explain the term 'publicized fan fiction' now. Fan Fiction, if you've read it before or expanded beyond the ones that I throw up here.
Sometimes, it's really, really good. It's got a great plot line (Neil Gaiman), has witty conversation (Terry Pratchett), and is well written (Jane Austen). Other times, you want to pull your eyes out though your ears because it has a horrible plot line(twilight), boring conversation(twilight) and is poorly written(twilight). Most of the time it falls on the gray scale.
This one is so far to the left of the grey scale that you'll find yourself enjoying it. It has NO plotline, sickenly sweet dialogue, and is...written. I picked up mistakes like in Twlight, but...this one is written like she was talking instead of writing; it's not formal, but it's readable. I'm having trouble discribing it.
It falls under the section of fanfiction because the main characters were orginally Austen's, but Lathen has altered them to the point that you wouldn't recognize them.
Now you're asking yourself, "She's read DICKENS. She enjoyed AUSTEN. How can she enjoy reading something like that?"
The honest truth is that I don't  know. But I'm really excited that I might get the third book in the Saga.
I'm not going to recommend or not recommend this story to you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knew I forgot something else...

Another new look; except I like this one. I'm pretty certain I'll stick with it, too. I'm surprised I didn't run across this book one before, because it's really kind of PERFECT.
Any way, not much to report on the original writing front--I've been dabbling here and there with a few ideas, but the only two I see something concrete coming from is something like a Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction and ZOMBIES. I had this really odd dream that inspired it; it was really creepy, and involved my sister and brother becoming zombies that lived with me.
Odd, but good inspiration!
Okay, so for all of you who actually read the Fanfiction, I was a bad author this week, because A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset didn't get a full chapter yesterday, just a teaser, which ended up being 513 words long. It starts with Amy teasing Grace about her reaction to the TARDIS and goes down hill from there, basically. However, I'm doing my best to have a full chapter up and replacing that one tonight!
Angels of the Disc has a friendship building chapter thown in now. Last chapter, the History Monks appear; I took the chance to establish the relationships of the characters through conversation. The two sidekicks(Rose and Soto) had a little chat, and Lu-Tze and the Doctor had a tiny conversation. I did advance the plot a bit at the end, using DEATH to impart news. DEATH is suddenly a plot point creator. I love Sir. Pratchett's work, but I feel that this might be a bit abusive to DEATH. So, take a chance to read it and post a review!
Okay, I decided I would read the Romance Novels. It's a series and I own two; the third one is out and the fourth should be out sometime soon.
I have to tell you, this is the title I'm considering for the next one;
Redirected Author Rant? Editor's Eye? Can't Believe I Actually Like Reading This?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've got snow! Lots and lots of snow, falling down in big, fluffy flakes. Did I say a lot of snow?
Anyway, I'm very proud of myself! I've been very busy this past week. I've tried out for the production at my school (i got two parts! They're small, but I'm okay with that! I was expecting a tiny part.) I also have another monologue; it's interesting. It'll try to's about this girl who can fall from one universe to the next. In both universes there's this guy that she loves, but they're just friends. In the other, they're in a relationship. So she goes to this other universe, because staying in ours hurt too much. And while she kept looking in on him, he grew away from her, into a cold hearted person. The last time she showed up, the last spark of him that she loved died, and so did the him in the other universe.
Other original work for that includes something that my Best Friend/Sometime Beta and I wrote, once again mainly over Facebook. It's a short skit about three of the main people in the production of a play, and it's awesome!
I wrote a new story that's generally the letter a dying woman is writing to her husband.
Up close it gets creepy.
Like she's outside in the middle of winter freezing to death. And her husband has tried to kill her in the past.
I got both of the chapters up! (good) Before 12:00AM today (BETTER)! 
Angels of the Disc I got to add the Time Monks, and Jack didn't learn to behave any better. I also got a lot of cool reviews. Plus I'm adding a missing scene chapter for 10!
A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset has a new slitheen, and Cho and Grace going with Amy and the Doctor to the home planet of the Slitheen! Please drop a review!
All I'm saying for now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pride and Prescience

Okay, okay, I'll admit this is a long time I've decided to attempt to make this less stressful for me, and more regular for me.
Which means a new schedule! Every other week, I'll attempt to have a book read; if not, I'll fill in with an author rant. I'll probably continue every Wednesday with my Fanfic/original stuff, because those are short blogs. However, these author/book blogs are really long.
Also, I'll move back to Sunday. I know I've been late these past two weeks, and I'm really sorry.

But Pride and Prescience is a novel that is the first in the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mystery series. It follows about the first two-three weeks into the life of the newly-wedded Mr. & Mrs. Darcy, in which they get trapped into a mystery that soon turns to a life or death situation. Think Nick & Nora in the Thin Man movies(which i also highly recommend). It deals with matters such as Magic vs. Reality, Societal Expectations, and disagreements in relationships.
The plot revolves around Caroline Bingley, recently married to an American Mr. Parrish, a week after the Darcys and the Bingley's wedding. However, the night of her wedding, the Darcys, returning from a play, find Mrs. Parrish wandering the streets in a very disreputable area, apparently unknowing to her surroundings. The mystery thickens when, the next morning, Caroline is on a ride and her horse is spooked by apparently nothing at all. However, the plot finally starts to boil when a day later, the Darcys are called to the Parrish townhouse, where it is discovered that Caroline has attempted to commit suicide. (If you are confused by these events, imagine how the Darcy's must feel.) It is decided that the entire party should remove to Netherfield. This party consists of the Darcys, the Bingleys, the Parrishs, the Hursts(Mr. Bingleys' other sister and her husband) and Professor Randolph. The Professor studies the supernatural involving archeology finds; charms and hexes and such. However, he has a friend in America who deals with the psychological workings of the mind.
However, once at Netherfield, the accidents keep on occurring--and the danger keeps on increasing. It starts with a fatal carriage accident, heightens to a raging fire, and escalates once more to murder. All the while, suspicion shifts from one person to the next. When the dice are finally standing still, you won't believe who's been playing the game.
I LOVE THIS BOOK! I've read it before, and often. I own, suprisingly, out of the series every single one except this--And this one has to be one of my favorites. Here's a link to the page that she has on her website dealing with the series!
I really do recommend this book. I've recommended it before! It's light, and very funny. The language and manners of the time is very in base(I didn't notice anything off, but that may have just been me. If you're a real history nerd (NOT A BAD THING) about the London/England of Austen's time, read it anyway and tell me what you think!) The relationship between the newly married couple is wonderful!
However, if you're more interested in the Romance Novel instead of the Mystery Novel, I can suggest one author for Mr. & Mrs. Darcy series.
I dabble. In genres.
So! Read this novel, and continue on! I'm considering a bunch of different ideas, so COMMENT(I am ordering you with my mind) to pick one of these.
If you don't comment, I'll feel sad.
A.) Author crush=Neil Gaiman!
2.) I want the Author Rant back. NOW.
III.) What was that about a romance novel?
Blue.) Go with the tried and the true-Douglass Adams!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not this week, folks.

Really, really busy.
I've even been trying to get you an actual book...Emma and Vampires. But that got me depressed...I couldn't read it without thinking of how the Vampires in there were like Twilight.
There is a new story up, because I got accepted to my first choice college so...I wrote one called "University Acceptance", which was really sweet.  Also, my other chapters will be up tonight. I'll include links here.
Angels of the Disc is a Doctor/Rose chapter-funny, I think. Jack is hitting on Death's Granddaughter, Nine talks about being slapped by Rose's mother...I liked it.
A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset is done with developing character building stuff and is on to the plot building! And it's thickening like stew! Or London's fog!
That's it...I need to get everything done.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not tonight, folks

Not today, sorry! Really busy-I promise I'll try for tomorrow! First time I've been late, but I've been busy, really I have...
I'm so sorry. I wouldn't blame you if you hated me.
Actually I would, but you wouldn't know.