Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is the End

I haven't posted in forever. So this is the end.
Sorry. Thanks for reading, but it was a good like, six month run.
I should say more, but I won't because I'm done. This is it. Much love.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A book that's not even out yet


Okay. Not really. Listed, in order of obsession
1.) Harry Potter! It's over. Unless J.K Rowling writes a new series about a certain Albus Potter. Or, alternatively, she could do one of those prequel things with Dumbledore and Grindewald. And, since it's an entirely different story, it won't suck!
2.) Still Got Legs! Which does not refer to the fact that I am still bipedal(though I am), but to an album about Doctor Who. It has been released, and I have the MP3 (LINK to listen for free!)

Okay. I'm kinda lying and telling the truth and getting distracted all at the same time about that. Because 1.) Borders is in extremely serious financial trouble and if you have about 500,000,000 dollars lying around, would you mind saving them, like, tonight? Because 2.) It's the only really large, good, bookstore in my area and 3.) Shopping for books online is dumb because 4.) I can't randomly pick up a book I'm interested in and decide if I want it because 5.) I can't read and flip through for Quotes. The captialization there is because there are quotes "Luke, I am your father" and then there are Quotes "The course of true love never did run smooth." (Star Wars vs. Shakespeare. you decide on the quality of that comparison.)
The absolute truth is I got a bundle of new books when my family and I took our (hopefully not last) trip to Borders last night I got several books (LINK) (LINK) (LINK but this isn't the one I have. Same price, but mine is all red and gold colored)  (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
The lying is that I don't have the book I'm going to talk about. It's called The Fault in our Stars (LINK) and it doesn't come out until May!
It's supposed to be about cancer and foreign pop music and other interesting stuff!
Okay, fine this has nothing to do with reviewing or discussing a novel, but honestly people, pre-ordering books is fun! I'm exceedingly excited about this book, I'm extremely glad I have new books, and I can't wait until May!
Also, possible quad-illionares out there, reading this, your mission is to save Borders! It's what a good person would do! Or  hero!  Or a Librarian! Or ANYONE WITH A HEART.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enter Vampires, Stage Left

Or in which my adorable boyfriend lends me a not so adorable novel filled with fighting and war and history.
Also Vampires.
The real sort with the blood sucking and the killing people. Proper vampires.
It's called "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter".
And If I could put up with any sort of introduction, I'd give it five full stars. There's a 15 page introduction. I have to take away one of the points on the Star.
Otherwise, it's a wonderful novel. Starts off reading like a biography, and then it turns into something very interesting. I like to call it historical fantasy.
Is that a genre? I think it should be. It has a nice ring to it.
Anyway, Seth(his last name is way too long) has a wonderful ability to mix fantasy and truth, while making the truth seem fictional enough to read.
And Laura is here and being obnoxious. Everyone say Hi to Laura!
I would link over to her blog, but she hasn't posted in forever. Still, much love to the Laura.
I actually don't know what to say about this. My boyfriend has been going on and on about how historically accurate it may or may not have been(I don't care much about accuracy, I'm looking for a good read.(I did mention never to use this as an actual critique, right?)) And I'm like, "Yes, that's lovely."
Okay, important figures who randomly make an appearance:
1.) POE. That one. With the people he loves always dying of TB, no luck in his line of work and really creepy poetry.
2.) Davis. As in President of the Confederation. Or pawn of the vampires. Take your pick.
3.) Martin Luther King; Okay, yeah, fine, it's just a mention, but it's an important one.
4.) John Wilkes Booth: The person who killed Lincoln.
5.) Lincoln. President during the civil war and one of the greatest vampire hunters this nation has ever known.

And honestly, that's all I can say about this book. It was good. I liked it. I had fun reading it. It's a laugh a minute.
No, really. It's good. I'm low on sleep and mildly hysterical. I'll be better next week.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Screw books, let's ask important questions that books help us answer!

Or is that too long a title?
Okay, screw books is because I didn't read one for you this week. I've started rereading Nation, by Terry Pratchett and also Pygmalion(the play) by George Bernard Shaw.
I'll pick one to talk about when I've finished them both.
But when you get down to it, you have to ask why do I(or you) read books. Or watch TV? Or listen to music? It's not only for entertainment: okay, I'll give you the Romance Novels, Reality TV, and Soaps are only for entertainment.
But still.
That excludes maybe three of the million and one sectors of fiction and nonfiction out there. And since we still have 999,999 other sectors of fiction and nonfiction that we read and watch and listen to for more than entertainment, we need to understand why.
Which is really the real big question we keep trying to answer through those. Why? Why are we here? Why do people die? Why do we care? Why doesn't life make sense?
And sometimes we walk away with answers. But a why question often boils down to the answer 'because', so we have to go to to other sources. And when they eventually turn to 'because' answer we search elsewhere. Because, somewhere, sometime, and somehow there has to be a reason behind everything that happens.
Because searching inside ourselves for the right answer is hard, but sometime we have to put down the books and the remote and the MP3 players and iPods and CDs so that we can look inside ourselves for the because behind our why.
And we each have a different one; a different why or a different because. I'm not going to ask the "Why are we here?" or answer it with the same "Because" as you or the next person would. It's not that simple. But media can give us little hints along the way to point an arrow down a road to look for that.
And sometimes 'Why?' is too big a question to ask first. 'How?' is simpler--how are we here? But also varying in answers, because we really don't agree on one single idea. 'Who?' is simple and impossible at the same time..."Who am I? I'm me." But that gets complicated when we add on the question that follows that "Who is me?" 'When?' is argued over too..."When did humans start to exist?"
Then there's "What?", which starts out simple enough...
"What is that?"
"It's a rock."
"What's it made of?"
"What are those?"
"Really tiny particles."
"What's that made of?"
"What are those?"
"A fundemental particle of matter."
"What is that made out of?"
"... Shut up and stop asking questions."
And turns into another form of 'because'.
Because we don't have all the answers, even though we want to. As a race, we humans seem to believe that answers are right, somehow. They make things nice and orderly.
Even if they really wouldn't. But I feel that asking those questions is what makes us humans. It'll be a scary day should we ever really find out for certain the answer to any of those question. We'll walk among gods and deem ourselves all powerful.* We will think ourselves invincible and when we do that, we are no longer humans. We are doomed. Because without the important questions, we won't search for right or wrong, and we will only deal with wish and want. We will no longer dream.
And without our dreams, who are we?

*So as not to offend people, that's just a saying.

Got off a rant there, but I hope it was interesting. At any rate.
When we read a book, we want to answer a question. But writers want to find the answer to a question too. Or tell us there answer. Or maybe just show us a question we haven't thought to ask yet.
And that's important. Because answering questions is what we do, every single day of our life. It maybe the hard questions, "Why am I here?" or the easy questions ,"How do you get egg off a spatula?"* but we do attempt to answer them.
Ask questions. Answer questions. In general, think. Thinking makes us better than we are right now. Question the world around you, and let it question you back.

*Let it soak in soapy water for a bit, then use the scrubby side of the sponge to get off most of it, and then for the bits that don't come off, use a dull butter knife to scrape it off carefully.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saving Princesses is Hard Work!

736 pages of work, in fact. I found four stories I feel would be easily disney'd up.
1.) Princess Mouseskin(It's better than it sounds)
2.) The True Bride (a not-princess in the theme of Cinderella)
3.) The Twelve Brothers (Interesting tale, easy to disney-itize)
4.) The Glass Coffin (Where Snow White's coffin was stolen from, but it's so different)

An over all review of all of the tales of the Brother's Grimm tales turns up the cute/annoying things. One is that half of the stories ended with a little rhyme or poem that had no relation to the story in general! Ex. on page 418 of my book, after the story "The Iron Stove" which is about how a princess gets saved by a stove, which has a handsome prince locked inside it, and doesn't follow his exact instructions, so she loses him. To regain him, she has to go be a kitchen maid and sell the new bride beautiful dresses that she has so she can sleep in his room and retell him what happened.
ANYWAY it ends with the little poem-y thing "There once was a mouse, but he's gone/ and now my tale is done."
Which is just distracting in general, to me. I don't see the purpose for it. I guess if might have centuries of difference, but there is no help there.
Also, they wrote up a few religious stories and  one anti-Semitic story about an old time popular(and totally stupid and useless) stereotype perpetuated at the time about the Jewish being theives. It's called "The Jew and the Thornbush" and totally worth skipping. The religious ones aren't that bad, just a bit dull at times.
So, I'll be honest, reading all these stories was worth it. Some of them were cute, some of them were interesting, and some of them were funny simply because of the time period difference. So take it as you will. I loved having fun reading it, and it was a silly task, but sometimes that helps you focus the most.

About a page typed, and for all those Shakespeare fans, very King Lear-ish. A page seems to be the max attention span for the Disney executives, so I figure this one might be the easiest to sell them on. It's about a Princess who gets disowned by her father because she says she loves him as much as she loves salt(and before you go all 'That much, eh?' sarcastic eye roll on me, put down your salted popcorn, your salted chips, and your salted french fries. Don't try to hid the salt on your pretzels, either. We love salt. A lot.) So he kicks her out, she goes to work as a maid in the next castle as a boy. They figure out who she is, family gets reunited and it ends Disney Happy.

Because I'm sick of how la-dee-dah they make the princesses these days, who don't fight for their guys. I mean, no offense Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel, but could you please say something other than "Let me hid from the one I love" or "Oh no! There is nothing I can do. He no longer loves me." That's stupid. Especially if you don't have any proof. The non-princess in this first gets her prince, but he didn't follow her instructions to not let anyone kiss him on one of his cheeks so he forgot all about her. She finds out where he is and goes to work as a maid. She had three gorgeous dresses designed to woe him back and she discovers that he's engaged to someone else. Well, her heart is broken, but she goes through with her plan and wins him back. Doesn't rely on faith or luck or her animal friends to save the day. She just swoops in, which is good. And new.

Another girl to the rescue! But I liked this one because it's about a princess who saves her brothers and her marriage and there's and evil mother-in-law! It's a totally different tale than everything else. It's not about her falling in love, it's about her saving her family. Familial love, that's new. And not for parents, but the bond between siblings. Which is a strong bond.
Story summary. Right. A Queen has twelve sons, but when she's pregnant with her thirteen child, the king says, "If it's a girl we'll just kill off our sons, kay?" So, when the princess is born, a flag is launched and the brothers run off into the woods for safety. The princess, who has heard about her brothers for her entire life decides to go find them.
Everything goes fine once she does until she decides to pick twelve flowers and discovers that she just turned them into ravens and to turn them back she has to keep silent for seven years. So, life goes on and she gets married to a king.
The seven years was almost up when the mother-in-law starts casting doubts about her and the king falls for her lies. So they decide to set  her on fire. She was set on the pyre and just as it was lit on fire, the seven years ended, the ravens came back, turned into her brothers and saved her.

Should be easy enough for them to do, considering that they already have the blue prints for a glass coffin. Well, it starts off with a poor tailor (Disney's had thieves and princes, now they can have someone with a real profession) who needs somewhere to sleep for a night. In the morning he gets whisked off by a stag who takes him to a castle. Where he sees a mini castle and a still breathing princess in a glass coffin. He takes the top off and she wakes up and tells him that she was the daughter of a duke. She was stuck the way she was because a wizard had stayed over at her house, and then gone all Edward Cullen creeper on her. (Not in those words, of course). He'd sent magical music to her, broke into her room and then decided she would say yes to marrying him. So he turned her brother into the stag, locked her in the coffin and made her castle into the miniature he had seen when he come.
So, really, it is probably easy to Disney-itize. They can thank me later.

(with credit)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saving Princesses Takes a Lot of Work

It does! My book of the Grimm Fairytales is about three and a half inches thick of onion paper! So, even if this is really late to tell you that, I'm going to be even later. I finished the book, but it was 730 pages. A lot to process.
Now, ask yourself this..."Why did it take her five weeks to finish reading a 500+page novel and this one was done in three?
Ponder on that.
Maybe it's because I had a mission.
Maybe it's because it was separate little tales I could pick up, read for ten minutes and not get drawn into a plot line.
Or maybe it's because The Moonstone was awful.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter/Day After the Series Six Premier!

But no spoilers. I promised.
Happy Easter though! I'm having a good one, hope you all out there are too! (I got the TSO Night Castle Album, and a Queen album!)
Even if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you're having a good Sunday: It's almost sunny out over here, and since there really aren't any books that I'd read for this holiday, (Okay there's this one, but I don't own it. Maybe one day) I'll just give you all a random non-book Sunday.
"It is my goal to save Disney. And by save Disney, I mean Disney Princesses. And to do that, I have read The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm."
See you next week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Time For Everything

And for the first time in forever, I haven't had a chance to read much these past two weeks.
Read: At all. No new novels.
Scholarship Season.
If you're really saddened about not getting to read commentary on a different book...sorry. In related news, my friend and fellow blogger over at el Sol de la Noche did discuss Pride and Prejudice, which she just read. She called it "Pride and Prejudice and Men". She's also writing a pretty cool story on her blog, with really awesome drawings to accompany some chapters.
So, I'll take the chance to ramble a bit about 1.) Who, exactly, is on my current Author Crush list(Hint, almost all have been featured on this page) 2.) My life at the moment. 3.)Doctor Who. Sorry. Excited.

1.) Neil Gaiman
2.) Terry Pratchett
3.) John Green
4.) Jane Austen
5.) Charlotte Bronte
6.) William Shakespeare

They all have writing qualities that I love and want. One, their writing is amazing and brilliant. It flows, gets across a message, and is amazingly moving. Two, their characters are the sort of people you can learn to love and hate and love again in two hours. The sort of people you'd like to know; the sort of people you'd root for. Three, what they had to say in the novels was so right, so true, so believe them.
I love reading their novels over and over and over again. And, they're the only ones that I do read fully over and over again. Every word is a gem.

You can skip this is you like. Unless you don't want to.
I wouldn't, but that's me.
My life the last two months has been way too stressful. One, school. But school I can handle and am handling very, very well. I'm good at school. Two, stories. Finding time to work on them has become a lot harder. I like having the time to do so, but stuff keeps coming up. Like number three, scholarships. I'm applying for four; and I've been turned down for two. One didn't even contact me about not getting it. I was really annoyed. I hope I'm getting the next one, but I suddenly doubt it. None of these scholarship people want to give anything to me.
Which, I'll be honest, I understand. It's not that other people deserve it more than me; it's that I put less work into them. I don't know why, I just do. I like to write and so I can(and do) write a scholarship essay in two hours.
But that's just me. My friends do more than I do. My friends are all very good people. I am glad people do not make me compare myself to my friends, because I would probably walk away feeling like the worst person in the world.
I love my friends don't get me wrong but...look, when you surround yourself with the top actors and actress of the class, the best playwright this side of the universe, and two people who's GPA I only have the first week of feel like you aren't all that special.
And I'm sure I am. But still.
Okay, done with the dull boring me talk.

Okay, so this is going to be how I'm spending my Saturday nights until the fourth of June. No Joke. Well, except for one, when I will be going to prom.
It looks epic and amazing. And wonderful.
And I LOVE IT! Oh so, so much.
Personally, I think one of the reasons I'm so in love with this show is the idea of the Doctor just landing somewhere and whisking someone away. So far away. And they can see amazing things and do amazing things. And somewhere inside all of us we want to go off and see something wonderful.
And that's what's so perfect about it. Because there's always the slim hope that maybe, maybe it's real, and maybe one day the Doctor will land and ask me to come with him to see the universe.
That ended with me again. But I'm sure that people will be able sympathize.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Graveyard Book

There are books--few and far between--that I don't read when I get them immediately.
This was one of them.
I knew that it was getting bad when, last weekend, my nephew caught me reading this book and said, "Oh, you're reading that finally?"
Needless to say, I finished it quickly.
And, here's the thing...AUTHOR CRUSH AUTHOR!
I love Neil Gaiman's books--from Good Omens to American Gods. All of his short stories.
So why did I put off reading this one?
I don't have a good answer for that. Busy, I suppose. Reading other novels.

I really liked this book(It's actually a YA/children novel). It was one of the best things I've read(fully) in a while.
I've got to want you though: The writing(especially in the first few pages) is the a bit dark and creepy.
It's about a boy who is called Nobody Owens, who's family is killed. Nobody is taken in and raised by two ghosts at a graveyard, along with Silas, his guardian. It starts out as an amazing adventure, with different sorts of ghosts and other miraculous non-human beings. Nobody experiences a series of ups and downs, he does the right thing and the wrong thing.
It's the story of a boy who grows up in a grave yard, to put it simply.
And it's amazing.

There's love won and lost, feeling hopeless and hopeful...just, all of the emotions anyone can imagine. If he wanted, I'm sure he could have me in tears. As it is, he scares me to the bone, and his stories keep me up at night.

It's also another reason as to why Neil Gaiman is at the top of my Author Crush List.  He's a wonderful, descriptive writer who, unlike me, can find the perfect balance between dialogue and describing stuff.
He creates bloody amazing characters.
He tells a story in the most wonderful manner.
And he manages to do this all at the same time, over and over again.
Plus, he wrote the fourth episode of Doctor Who, Series Six...(I'll probably keep bring up Series Six until after it airs.)
((On the plus side to this obsession, there's a book series about the Doctor. I shall read one book. I'll probably have to go on a rant about published fanfiction again, if those amuse you.))

Sunday, March 20, 2011


And it was really an awesome ending(better than a good part of it. I was overly impressed. (Compared with the rest of the book)).
1.) I got my favorite narrator back!!!!
2.) There was an interesting new narrator! Who wasn't as awesome because he was going to die soon. And, well, he was angsty and mopey about it. But at least he was amusing. Not in an funny amusing way but...well, he wasn't dull.
3.) An almost entirely happy ending! As in, the bad guy died, the good guys found out what happened, and the guy got the girl! And with this novel there is a love triangle, so you don't know who gets the girl unless you read the novel! Yay! Not ruining any endings!
PET PEEVE! Having a random character that has no use what so ever. Thank you very much, authors who do this out there, do not make me feel like I should care about some one I see for about 10 pages. Out of a 547 page novel. That's guilt tripping.
I feel like this is really short.
Okay, so since I'm really, really bad at introspection unless I read about 100 pages of a novel within six hours(and I obviously didn't do that here) I need to come up with some questions about the novel and life at the same time.
This, folks, is why I would not be a good English teacher.
Q1. "What does not fibbing on who stole the Moonstone say about Rachel? Would you have done the same thing as her?"
A1. It says that she is over devoted to being an honest and upright person. Which isn't a bad thing, until it causes a lot of strife in your family. And makes people in the BIGGEST CITY IN YOUR EMPIRE start rumors about you and what happened. Honor is great, don't get me wrong, but I also think there's a line in the sand that has to be draw where being honorable and being a bit of an idiot start. Also, not yelling at the person when she caught them in her room is kind of idiotic. A house full of people, you'd think saying something, or screaming or just entering the room might help. See, I would not have done the same thing, because I wouldn't put myself in that position. Problem solved.
Q2. "So, this new narrator(I'm not telling you his name), what really bothers you about him?"
A1. What bothers me about him is that he is a really good doctor, who has written a book and actually makes a couple of friends who he helps out. And yeah, he may be dying soon and is addicted to a horrible drug, but I'll be honest, he could be happy. He should be happy. I do not like people who wallow in their own misery all the time. NOTE: If you're my friend and you think you do this, you don't because otherwise I would ignore you so much you could not count yourself among my friends. So there.
A3. Yes it is. So I'm gonna call INTROSPECTION TIME done unless one of two things happen.
Thing One! I actually start writing an essay on this in the near future. Which I will have to. I should make a note about that.
Thing Two! After all you've read on this blog, you have a question. So post it in a comment and I will reply to it on Wednesday. A post day I've been ignoring due to bad writer disease. But if there is a question, I will answer it on Wednesday. And it will remind me to post again.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Moonstone: Parts Two and Three

Okay, so I missed Wednesday, but I don't think that was a big issue for many people. Sorry if those are posts you look forward too.
Also, I didn't keep to the schedule I promised you. But don't worry. I only skipped ahead about 100 pages. One, I wanted to find out more(plot's really picked up!) and then I wanted to get the next narrator over with.
PET PEEVE: Narrators that I can't like. Ever. That includes over religious(in this case) over callous(ooh, again in this case) and anything else that's just over the top too much. I know there are people like that, but I don't want to read them. Please and thank you.
Other than that, I really liked the story. It was basically amazing how well the plot advanced. First, the moonstone was finally stolen. Then we got to go on a search to find out who might have stolen it, introducing an interesting new character--a detective--and then one of the maids dies. We are presented with the owner of the Moonstone as the most likely thief. Stealing her own diamond...devious.
There's an underlying touch of romance here--Rachel, the owner of the diamond, is in love with the man who brought her the diamond, but her cousin is in love with her. He proposes and gets turned down. Then the Moonstone gets stolen and Rachel gets really mad at the man who brought it to her. Then she's accused of stealing the Diamond and they move to London to keep her out of the mess. Where her cousin proposes again. This time she accepts him.
Then her mom dies.
And then Rachel breaks off the engagement and goes to live with her mother's lawyer and his family.
Basically all that happened.
Good read though(once I got past the narrator)!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Author Crush

Okay, you heard it all a couple weeks ago. Bad Writer, didn't do anything this week. No fanfic stuff, don't worry about it.
A new story that I'm going to submit next semester, bit of a Doctor Who feel, but very much mine and based on Earth.
And I have to entirely re-write the other story that I submitted because it wasn't good enough.
On to Spanish homework!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Moonstone: Part One of Five

The Moonstone is a really long book. 557 pages, smallish font(i'd guess, 9, 10 font. In a paper back book.)
And I've been a bit busy. Really Busy. I have Calculus this semester, along with Spanish, Global Affairs, Government and the Creative Writing Prose class. Most of which are pretty good, but...lots of home work And, yeah, I've been a bit distracted this week. No excuse for it, honestly, but I've decided that for both your sanity and mine, I'll give you a review-ish thing of The Moonstone in five parts.
Your sanity because even the first 103 pages were so packed full of stuff(my brain's not working right now. Sorry) that it's hard to deal with. And think about. And understand. Also, because the writer later changes Points of View later. Which is gonna be interesting. But hard to follow.
Background information on this tale: The Moonstone is a priceless(actually, this is Victorian times, so a very expensive), very large yellow diamond. It's supposed to be mystical to Indians(from India. I'm not being insulting here, but I'm sure that there are a few people who would be confused since in America the Native Americans were called Indians for hundreds of years. Cause Chris Columbus wasn't the brightest tool in the shed.) And those who were supposed to guard it want it back. Now. So they're going to steal it from the niece of the guy who stole it. Please keep reading if that was confusing.
First pet peeve: Nothing. Happened. At all. Well, little bits of stuff happened. The Moonstone's discovery was told. We found out what The Moonstone was, exactly(basically a symbol of a god, I'll keep it basic.) We found out it took the Character three times to actually START the story.

There will be more Pet Peeves to come with this story, and I should make a list sometime of the bigger ones I have. But that's one of them. Nothing happening in 99 pages of STUFF. We get a lot of back story, which is nice. I like backstory. We also slowly move the plot along. It's important, but slow.
Which I'm bad at. I don't like 70 pages of back story before I get to see the diamond.
The good news is that I like this narrator. He's amusing. He's kinda funny at times which is good, because it helps hold me up for the next ten or so pages.

That's my impression so far. I'm not done so I don't have much to comment on about it, and like I said, mostly back story.
Good back story.
But back story nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because I was awesome

and up until 11:30 last night making sure I wasn't being an idiot and not posting the chapters or putting it off for a day.
Not helping with the book I'm supposed to be reading(you will get my impression of it at the moment, but that won't be the final word until I'm done). But it's progress.
Speaking of Fanfiction, apparently I'm on a one shot streak--I wrote two more since last Wednesday.
No More Tears was written for my best friend/sometimes beta(I've been using her more lately) because 1.) she was having a rough time and 2.) she asked for a story 'about the Doctor that ends with hope'. It's a really sweet/sad/hopeful story about how the Doctor picks his companions, and what happens with the companions. I liked it, and she said it helped.
Run! was written in a burst of inspiration. It's another cross over fic, Doctor Who and...Looking For Alaska. One small step into a fandom that I'm not sure about just yet(Not a big fan of book fandoms, save Discworld). It's the story behind Alaska's "run run run run run." Or at least my take on what would be a plausible(if not totally possible) explanation.
On the chapter front, not much has changed in the stories: that is to say, in A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset, Rory, Rigsby and Jane are all still locked up, and in Angels of the Disc, they're still dealing with the Weeping Angels.
So no big plot developments, but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to throw some into these next two.
Other originals has nothing new, but we're discussing the stories tomorrow.
I've got my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another bout of Bad Writer

Bad Writer! Bad Writer!
Except this time it's for A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset that I didn't write up a chapter for.
I'm considering doing an every other week set up for the stories. Angels of the Disc this week, A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset next week.
That may or may not happen.
I also wrote a new story called And They Called Him Mad, which is a Master fic--Doctor Who realm. It's a format I have fun writing. Bit angsty, bit sad, bit hopeful. All jammed into about 600 words.
Angels of the Disc throws our characters back into danger, so I hope you go check that out!
The book I'm going to be reading for this next week is The Moonstone. I can't promise I'll have finished it (547 pages) but I'll give you a review of the point I'm at in the story.
I'm not writing as much original stuff as I hoped I would be, because we're not actually writing new stuff in my class right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking for Alaska

Or the best book to grace YA bookshelves within the last twenty years.
Sorry Sir Pratchett. (He is actually a knight. Of Literature. I love the English.)
At any rate, I first heard of John Green though a video by either Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, or LittleRadge. Probably all three. Link to the post talking about them HERE. But don't read past the first paragraph and a half.
So I got curious enough to click on this YouTube channel called Vlogbrothers. Vlogbrothers has a very interesting history that I don't completely understand because I never actually looked into it. What I have pieced together, in bit and pieces is that it started when they(John and Hank Green, the BROTHERS) decided not to e-mail each other for a whole year and only communicate through video blogs(hence, VLOG) and called it Brotherhood 2.0. So I watched them for a while. About a week before I announced that I must have one of John Green's books or I would die.
Okay, actually, I went on and offered to pay the 10.00 for the award winning paperback.
My life would be a bit more awesome if I were a bit more dramatic. But I am a book nerd, so I won't. Ever.
**Which is not to say that I am not awesome. I am awesome. Ask my friends.**

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Writer, Good Blogger

For a quick update on my life: I've finished my school finals, got an A(or an A-) in all my classes, and have (finally) started the new semester.
Well, kinda.
I had about ONE day of classes.
On to other originals: My play isn't going to be in the student run program...Or my monologues...or anyone else's stuff, because it got CANCELED. BECAUSE OF SNOW.
Snow=my worst enemy.
As for other original stuff, I promise I will be writing a lot more this semester because I am taking a creative writing class. That should help with me write both original stuff and improve this blog.
I've been working a bit on Electricity, which is the story I mentioned ages ago. It's got a lot of promise if I can ever actually find time to sit down and write it.
Another point that makes me a BAD WRITER is the fact that I'm not putting up a chapter for Angels of the Disc. I only got an idea on how to write it yesterday, and I'm not even sure I like the 100 words I've written. So that earns my bad demerits for the week.
A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset is up! And it is a funny A-B plot movement. Also, by the end of this chapter, Lisbon is the ONLY one who doesn't end up in handcuffs.
So that's my life and writing at the moment!
SUNDAY: Looking for Alaska!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shellshocked Mood

As in I'm not quite sure my brain is working properly enough to really give a well written and coherent post, but it's Wednesday so I'll give it a try.
The reasons for this doubt about my abilities at this time will be listed here
1.) My english final today. 1 hour, Thirty minutes, 15 paragraphs and 7 pages. Three prompts. Honestly, I thought it went well.
2.) I actually had the two chapters(LONGEST ONES YET) finished Monday. Which hasn't been my MO lately.
3.) starting the one for my 1000 readers celebration. It's about a dog, a wombat, and two bunnies.
4.) MAIN REASON? The book for the next book commentary. It's called Looking for Alaska, and it is, in my opinion, one of the best books of this entire century. And maybe the one before and after. But more on that next time.
5.) Snow. So much snow. Mother nature hates me.

Right, on to the fanfiction. Angels of the Disc had the longer chapter by about 159 words. It's basically the spliting up of different groups, and Death is played with a bit more. Which is fun. Also, take the quiz on my page to help me out a bit.
However I'll admit that as plot developing goes A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset had a better chapter! I got to play with the Slitheen Dictator and have a few fun lines. It's a pretty good chapter, and important to moving the plot along.
So check them out! Until next Wednesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Possible hints of author ranting

Otherwise known as 'Editor's Eye' or 'Can't believe I like reading this'.
I'll start off by saying my parents accidentally got this for me. They didn't know they were romance novels. They thought it would be a bit of nice, fun reading.
This definitely has all of the stereotypical things you look for in a romance novel; the action and bad guy come at the end, but they do come.
If you don't like the romance part of a romance novel, then don't read this. You'll get sick after sixty pages.
Still, I had fun reading it.
Until my editor's eye came out and started highlighting words like, 'whereas' and grammar mistakes. It really ruins publicized fan fiction. Which is what I call this type of thing. Here's the plot...
Lizzy and Darcy just got married; wedding night, enough said; Lizzy starts to settle into being the Mistress of Pemberly; they grow even closer; Christmas happens, Lizzy meets a bunch of nice people; they go to an interesting masked ball, where Lizzy gets propositioned; Darcy teaches Lizzy to drive a some sort of carriage like thing, they get in  a fight; later Lizzy starts behaving badly; Darcy has to go out on important estate business on the day Lizzy starts feeling better; she goes out to pick strawberries, and gets propositioned by the same man at the ball again, so she hits him over the head and flees; she gets scared by a turkey and falls, hitting her head and becoming unconscious; When she is found and attended to by a doctor, they discover that she was pregnant and may have lost the baby; turns out everything is okay, she's still got the baby, and it ends with a sort of happy/totally sickening happily ever after story.
The next one I didn't even finish these two weeks. It was more of the happy happy joy joy total  sloppy happily ever after stuff. I didn't even get to the part where Lizzy and Darcy get attacked before I picked up a new book.
(Really new, it came in the mail and I put Loving Mr.Darcy down immediately. The book is The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011, and I am in love.)
The problem is that I like the Darcy Saga. I really do. When ever my mind wants to take a break and just relax, the series is the first novel I reach for; it's mind numbing in a not as disgusting as Twilight way!
I'll explain the term 'publicized fan fiction' now. Fan Fiction, if you've read it before or expanded beyond the ones that I throw up here.
Sometimes, it's really, really good. It's got a great plot line (Neil Gaiman), has witty conversation (Terry Pratchett), and is well written (Jane Austen). Other times, you want to pull your eyes out though your ears because it has a horrible plot line(twilight), boring conversation(twilight) and is poorly written(twilight). Most of the time it falls on the gray scale.
This one is so far to the left of the grey scale that you'll find yourself enjoying it. It has NO plotline, sickenly sweet dialogue, and is...written. I picked up mistakes like in Twlight, but...this one is written like she was talking instead of writing; it's not formal, but it's readable. I'm having trouble discribing it.
It falls under the section of fanfiction because the main characters were orginally Austen's, but Lathen has altered them to the point that you wouldn't recognize them.
Now you're asking yourself, "She's read DICKENS. She enjoyed AUSTEN. How can she enjoy reading something like that?"
The honest truth is that I don't  know. But I'm really excited that I might get the third book in the Saga.
I'm not going to recommend or not recommend this story to you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knew I forgot something else...

Another new look; except I like this one. I'm pretty certain I'll stick with it, too. I'm surprised I didn't run across this book one before, because it's really kind of PERFECT.
Any way, not much to report on the original writing front--I've been dabbling here and there with a few ideas, but the only two I see something concrete coming from is something like a Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction and ZOMBIES. I had this really odd dream that inspired it; it was really creepy, and involved my sister and brother becoming zombies that lived with me.
Odd, but good inspiration!
Okay, so for all of you who actually read the Fanfiction, I was a bad author this week, because A Blue TARDIS At Red Sunset didn't get a full chapter yesterday, just a teaser, which ended up being 513 words long. It starts with Amy teasing Grace about her reaction to the TARDIS and goes down hill from there, basically. However, I'm doing my best to have a full chapter up and replacing that one tonight!
Angels of the Disc has a friendship building chapter thown in now. Last chapter, the History Monks appear; I took the chance to establish the relationships of the characters through conversation. The two sidekicks(Rose and Soto) had a little chat, and Lu-Tze and the Doctor had a tiny conversation. I did advance the plot a bit at the end, using DEATH to impart news. DEATH is suddenly a plot point creator. I love Sir. Pratchett's work, but I feel that this might be a bit abusive to DEATH. So, take a chance to read it and post a review!
Okay, I decided I would read the Romance Novels. It's a series and I own two; the third one is out and the fourth should be out sometime soon.
I have to tell you, this is the title I'm considering for the next one;
Redirected Author Rant? Editor's Eye? Can't Believe I Actually Like Reading This?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've got snow! Lots and lots of snow, falling down in big, fluffy flakes. Did I say a lot of snow?
Anyway, I'm very proud of myself! I've been very busy this past week. I've tried out for the production at my school (i got two parts! They're small, but I'm okay with that! I was expecting a tiny part.) I also have another monologue; it's interesting. It'll try to's about this girl who can fall from one universe to the next. In both universes there's this guy that she loves, but they're just friends. In the other, they're in a relationship. So she goes to this other universe, because staying in ours hurt too much. And while she kept looking in on him, he grew away from her, into a cold hearted person. The last time she showed up, the last spark of him that she loved died, and so did the him in the other universe.
Other original work for that includes something that my Best Friend/Sometime Beta and I wrote, once again mainly over Facebook. It's a short skit about three of the main people in the production of a play, and it's awesome!
I wrote a new story that's generally the letter a dying woman is writing to her husband.
Up close it gets creepy.
Like she's outside in the middle of winter freezing to death. And her husband has tried to kill her in the past.
I got both of the chapters up! (good) Before 12:00AM today (BETTER)! 
Angels of the Disc I got to add the Time Monks, and Jack didn't learn to behave any better. I also got a lot of cool reviews. Plus I'm adding a missing scene chapter for 10!
A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset has a new slitheen, and Cho and Grace going with Amy and the Doctor to the home planet of the Slitheen! Please drop a review!
All I'm saying for now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pride and Prescience

Okay, okay, I'll admit this is a long time I've decided to attempt to make this less stressful for me, and more regular for me.
Which means a new schedule! Every other week, I'll attempt to have a book read; if not, I'll fill in with an author rant. I'll probably continue every Wednesday with my Fanfic/original stuff, because those are short blogs. However, these author/book blogs are really long.
Also, I'll move back to Sunday. I know I've been late these past two weeks, and I'm really sorry.

But Pride and Prescience is a novel that is the first in the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mystery series. It follows about the first two-three weeks into the life of the newly-wedded Mr. & Mrs. Darcy, in which they get trapped into a mystery that soon turns to a life or death situation. Think Nick & Nora in the Thin Man movies(which i also highly recommend). It deals with matters such as Magic vs. Reality, Societal Expectations, and disagreements in relationships.
The plot revolves around Caroline Bingley, recently married to an American Mr. Parrish, a week after the Darcys and the Bingley's wedding. However, the night of her wedding, the Darcys, returning from a play, find Mrs. Parrish wandering the streets in a very disreputable area, apparently unknowing to her surroundings. The mystery thickens when, the next morning, Caroline is on a ride and her horse is spooked by apparently nothing at all. However, the plot finally starts to boil when a day later, the Darcys are called to the Parrish townhouse, where it is discovered that Caroline has attempted to commit suicide. (If you are confused by these events, imagine how the Darcy's must feel.) It is decided that the entire party should remove to Netherfield. This party consists of the Darcys, the Bingleys, the Parrishs, the Hursts(Mr. Bingleys' other sister and her husband) and Professor Randolph. The Professor studies the supernatural involving archeology finds; charms and hexes and such. However, he has a friend in America who deals with the psychological workings of the mind.
However, once at Netherfield, the accidents keep on occurring--and the danger keeps on increasing. It starts with a fatal carriage accident, heightens to a raging fire, and escalates once more to murder. All the while, suspicion shifts from one person to the next. When the dice are finally standing still, you won't believe who's been playing the game.
I LOVE THIS BOOK! I've read it before, and often. I own, suprisingly, out of the series every single one except this--And this one has to be one of my favorites. Here's a link to the page that she has on her website dealing with the series!
I really do recommend this book. I've recommended it before! It's light, and very funny. The language and manners of the time is very in base(I didn't notice anything off, but that may have just been me. If you're a real history nerd (NOT A BAD THING) about the London/England of Austen's time, read it anyway and tell me what you think!) The relationship between the newly married couple is wonderful!
However, if you're more interested in the Romance Novel instead of the Mystery Novel, I can suggest one author for Mr. & Mrs. Darcy series.
I dabble. In genres.
So! Read this novel, and continue on! I'm considering a bunch of different ideas, so COMMENT(I am ordering you with my mind) to pick one of these.
If you don't comment, I'll feel sad.
A.) Author crush=Neil Gaiman!
2.) I want the Author Rant back. NOW.
III.) What was that about a romance novel?
Blue.) Go with the tried and the true-Douglass Adams!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not this week, folks.

Really, really busy.
I've even been trying to get you an actual book...Emma and Vampires. But that got me depressed...I couldn't read it without thinking of how the Vampires in there were like Twilight.
There is a new story up, because I got accepted to my first choice college so...I wrote one called "University Acceptance", which was really sweet.  Also, my other chapters will be up tonight. I'll include links here.
Angels of the Disc is a Doctor/Rose chapter-funny, I think. Jack is hitting on Death's Granddaughter, Nine talks about being slapped by Rose's mother...I liked it.
A Blue TARDIS at Red Sunset is done with developing character building stuff and is on to the plot building! And it's thickening like stew! Or London's fog!
That's it...I need to get everything done.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not tonight, folks

Not today, sorry! Really busy-I promise I'll try for tomorrow! First time I've been late, but I've been busy, really I have...
I'm so sorry. I wouldn't blame you if you hated me.
Actually I would, but you wouldn't know.