Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter/Day After the Series Six Premier!

But no spoilers. I promised.
Happy Easter though! I'm having a good one, hope you all out there are too! (I got the TSO Night Castle Album, and a Queen album!)
Even if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you're having a good Sunday: It's almost sunny out over here, and since there really aren't any books that I'd read for this holiday, (Okay there's this one, but I don't own it. Maybe one day) I'll just give you all a random non-book Sunday.
"It is my goal to save Disney. And by save Disney, I mean Disney Princesses. And to do that, I have read The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm."
See you next week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Time For Everything

And for the first time in forever, I haven't had a chance to read much these past two weeks.
Read: At all. No new novels.
Scholarship Season.
If you're really saddened about not getting to read commentary on a different book...sorry. In related news, my friend and fellow blogger over at el Sol de la Noche did discuss Pride and Prejudice, which she just read. She called it "Pride and Prejudice and Men". She's also writing a pretty cool story on her blog, with really awesome drawings to accompany some chapters.
So, I'll take the chance to ramble a bit about 1.) Who, exactly, is on my current Author Crush list(Hint, almost all have been featured on this page) 2.) My life at the moment. 3.)Doctor Who. Sorry. Excited.

1.) Neil Gaiman
2.) Terry Pratchett
3.) John Green
4.) Jane Austen
5.) Charlotte Bronte
6.) William Shakespeare

They all have writing qualities that I love and want. One, their writing is amazing and brilliant. It flows, gets across a message, and is amazingly moving. Two, their characters are the sort of people you can learn to love and hate and love again in two hours. The sort of people you'd like to know; the sort of people you'd root for. Three, what they had to say in the novels was so right, so true, so believe them.
I love reading their novels over and over and over again. And, they're the only ones that I do read fully over and over again. Every word is a gem.

You can skip this is you like. Unless you don't want to.
I wouldn't, but that's me.
My life the last two months has been way too stressful. One, school. But school I can handle and am handling very, very well. I'm good at school. Two, stories. Finding time to work on them has become a lot harder. I like having the time to do so, but stuff keeps coming up. Like number three, scholarships. I'm applying for four; and I've been turned down for two. One didn't even contact me about not getting it. I was really annoyed. I hope I'm getting the next one, but I suddenly doubt it. None of these scholarship people want to give anything to me.
Which, I'll be honest, I understand. It's not that other people deserve it more than me; it's that I put less work into them. I don't know why, I just do. I like to write and so I can(and do) write a scholarship essay in two hours.
But that's just me. My friends do more than I do. My friends are all very good people. I am glad people do not make me compare myself to my friends, because I would probably walk away feeling like the worst person in the world.
I love my friends don't get me wrong but...look, when you surround yourself with the top actors and actress of the class, the best playwright this side of the universe, and two people who's GPA I only have the first week of feel like you aren't all that special.
And I'm sure I am. But still.
Okay, done with the dull boring me talk.

Okay, so this is going to be how I'm spending my Saturday nights until the fourth of June. No Joke. Well, except for one, when I will be going to prom.
It looks epic and amazing. And wonderful.
And I LOVE IT! Oh so, so much.
Personally, I think one of the reasons I'm so in love with this show is the idea of the Doctor just landing somewhere and whisking someone away. So far away. And they can see amazing things and do amazing things. And somewhere inside all of us we want to go off and see something wonderful.
And that's what's so perfect about it. Because there's always the slim hope that maybe, maybe it's real, and maybe one day the Doctor will land and ask me to come with him to see the universe.
That ended with me again. But I'm sure that people will be able sympathize.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Graveyard Book

There are books--few and far between--that I don't read when I get them immediately.
This was one of them.
I knew that it was getting bad when, last weekend, my nephew caught me reading this book and said, "Oh, you're reading that finally?"
Needless to say, I finished it quickly.
And, here's the thing...AUTHOR CRUSH AUTHOR!
I love Neil Gaiman's books--from Good Omens to American Gods. All of his short stories.
So why did I put off reading this one?
I don't have a good answer for that. Busy, I suppose. Reading other novels.

I really liked this book(It's actually a YA/children novel). It was one of the best things I've read(fully) in a while.
I've got to want you though: The writing(especially in the first few pages) is the a bit dark and creepy.
It's about a boy who is called Nobody Owens, who's family is killed. Nobody is taken in and raised by two ghosts at a graveyard, along with Silas, his guardian. It starts out as an amazing adventure, with different sorts of ghosts and other miraculous non-human beings. Nobody experiences a series of ups and downs, he does the right thing and the wrong thing.
It's the story of a boy who grows up in a grave yard, to put it simply.
And it's amazing.

There's love won and lost, feeling hopeless and hopeful...just, all of the emotions anyone can imagine. If he wanted, I'm sure he could have me in tears. As it is, he scares me to the bone, and his stories keep me up at night.

It's also another reason as to why Neil Gaiman is at the top of my Author Crush List.  He's a wonderful, descriptive writer who, unlike me, can find the perfect balance between dialogue and describing stuff.
He creates bloody amazing characters.
He tells a story in the most wonderful manner.
And he manages to do this all at the same time, over and over again.
Plus, he wrote the fourth episode of Doctor Who, Series Six...(I'll probably keep bring up Series Six until after it airs.)
((On the plus side to this obsession, there's a book series about the Doctor. I shall read one book. I'll probably have to go on a rant about published fanfiction again, if those amuse you.))